the crackup sisters

The Crackup Sisters have been entertaining people all their lives and when they’re not causing mischief in their hometown of Winton, they travel around Australia cracking up audiences and defying gravity where ever they go!

With a burning passion to share joy and the spirit of Outback Australia, S.T.Ruth and B-Ute make stories to make you laugh, learn, think and connect.

Each sister brings her own skills and quirks to the stage. They’ve performed since they were kids, and trained around the world in the fields of stock whip cracking, knock about acrobatics, circus, aerial acrobatics, dance, hula hoop, handstands, comedy, clowning, acting and animal training.

The Crackup Sisters are the world’s only female rodeo clowns.

Each sister has dedicated their lives to their crafts with each line on their faces and the calluses on their hands are perfectly formed from hours of laughing, practicing and giving things a crack!